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a ˌslice of ˈlife

Similar translations Similar translations for "slice of life" in French. French tranche balafre secteur coupe.

French de. Context sentences Context sentences for "slice of life" in French These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English It shows a slice of life of the Garos of Meghalaya, in north-east India. More by bab. English slenderness sleuth slew slewed slice slice bar slice of bread slice of bread and butter slice of bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic and then toasted slice of lamb slice of life slice-of-life sliced sliced bread sliced loaf sliced potatoes backed with milk and browned on top sliced shot slicer slices slicing slicing sausage Have a look at the English- Turkish dictionary by bab.

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Hangman Hangman Fancy a game? Or learning new words is more your thing? Sakamoto is cool and talented. All the girls love him and all the boys want to be him. You see, although Sakamoto is a perfect genius who can solve any problem, the actual problems he faces are so surreal that his solutions have to match their bizarreness. The point of the show is not the fact that Sakamoto is so cool and perfect at everything he does.

"slice of life" in French

The premise of Detroit Metal City is hilarious. The main character, Soichi Negishi, is a talented musician who wants to do nothing more than become a Swedish Pop music star. Unfortunately, his career is having a hard time taking off, which means he has to take money where he can get it.

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This leads to him becoming the front man and guitarist of a black metal band named Detroit Metal City. DMC just keeps rising, pushing the band towards stardom. The show details this day-to-day conflict between mild-mannered Soichi and his Krauser persona. Throw into this a budding romance with a girl who also loves Swedish pop, but has NO idea that Soichi is Krauser, and you have a great recipe for comedy. Dagashi Kashi is another food-related slice-of-life anime that really caught me by surprise. It also taught me about an entire side of Japanese culture I had no idea about.

They come in all sorts of shapes, types, and sizes.

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Many even have a small toy or prize in them. Dagashi shops are pretty rare nowadays since kids have way more money to spend, but for decades during the Japanese economic boom in the 20th century they were a mainstay. Dagashi Kashi centers on the son of a Dagashiya dagashi shop owner and a mysterious girl who comes to their town.

He agrees on the condition that Hotaru can convince Kokonotsu to take over the Dagashiya. Hotaru is also a total Dagashi NUT. She begins to use her expert knowledge of these snack foods to convince Kokonotsu of how great they are.


The show follows these exploits, along with a romantic subplot involving Kokonotsu, Hotaru, and a childhood friend named Says Endo — something Hotaru seems completely oblivious to. Dagashi Kashi is a feel-good show with great characters and enjoyable humor.

If you have any interest in Japan as a country at all, that alone makes it worth a watch. ToraDora is an incredibly popular slice-of-life romantic comedy that aired back in It often tops the slice-of-life anime lists of various sites and remains a strong recommendation to this day. They make a deal to help one another hook up with their respective crushes. The show mainly focuses on the various situations these two engineer in order to get their crushes to spend time with them and begin to build relationships.

A SLICE OF LIFE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

The comedy of the series revolves around how these attempts usually backfire in some way or another. ToraDora has become a beloved show that both slice-of-life and romance fans often gush about.

Satellite City - Slice of Life

Mysterious Girlfriend X starts with one of the most worn-out tropes in anime — a new transfer student. Yes, you read that right. It turns out that her drool is addictive, something she says is a love sickness.

So begins the weird and twisted relationship between our two main characters. How many of us have wished that we could give high school another go, with all of our memories of the first time intact? The idea is that this second chance can be a type of therapy to help Kaizaki deal with his personal problems. ReLIFE is one of the more serious slice-of-life shows, with more of the dramatic backstory revealed as things go on.

Top 10 Slice-of-Life Anime Essentials. Buy On Amazon Dagashi Kashi Dagashi Kashi is another food-related slice-of-life anime that really caught me by surprise. Sharing is caring!