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And then this happened. Everything in the Franks' home was taken away by the Germans and sent to Germany. Otto Frank never found his furniture again. Of course I was in trouble, but my luck was that the police officer in charge came from Vienna, the same town where I was born. I noticed this from his accent. So, when he came to interrogate me, I jumped up and said, as cheerfully as I could, "You are from Vienna?

I am from Vienna too. Apart from the shock, the fear and my heart-breaking concern regarding the fate of my friends, nothing happened to me. The hope that they would return safely. The war had almost come to an end and the Franks were healthy at the time of their arrest. I honestly believe we could not have done anything more to help the Franks. After the arrest, I never heard from my friends again, they were not allowed to write.

If I ever found out the person who betrayed my friends, I would not exchange one word with that criminal. Anne and Margot went first to a transit-camp called Westerbork in the Netherlands.

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From there they went to Auschwitz and finally to Bergen-Belsen, where they both died. Much to her surprise she discovered that in another part of the camp Bergen-Belsen , her friend "Lies" was sitting, the one she writes about a lot in her diary. Her true name is Hanneli Pick-Goslar, who now lives in Israel. What were some of the horrible things the Nazi party did to other people?

The most horrible thing in my opinion was that they were discriminating against people for a reason those people could not help or change. Just for being Jewish. It made those people feel defenseless. What could they possibly do? Just sit there and wait in fear.

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This was terrorizing the poor Jews, even at the time that they could still live in their own homes. What I never forget myself was the day that the Franks were arrested. I still hear their steps in the stairway when they were brought outside. I met Otto Frank in , nine years before he had to go into hiding. I was looking for a job and heard from a neighbor that a certain Mr. Frank looked for an office assistant. I applied and got the job. Otto's escape from death is a miracle. When the Russians finally liberated him in Auschwitz, he was ill, very weak, and extremely skinny.

When Otto Frank returned, was he bruised, really skinny, pale? What was his physical condition?

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Otto Frank was very skinny when he returned from the camp. However, he was mentally in good condition.

What happened to Mr. Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam. He picked up his business again, but after the publication of the diary, he was very busy answering the thousands of letters he received from children about the diary. He moved to Switzerland after the war. He was the only survivor from the Secret Annex. Top of Page After the war, was it hard to see Mr. It was not difficult to meet Mr. Frank when he returned from Auschwitz. I was of course very happy.

Not easy was my time with Otto Frank after he had learned he had lost his whole family. For me this was awful, too. My most vivid memory of Otto is the day that he learned about the death of his two children, and my giving Anne's diary to him at that very sad moment. I cannot forget the way he looked at that time.

Did you and Mr. My husband and I were close friends with Otto until he died in , at ninety-one years old. The first seven years after the war he even lived in our home in Amsterdam, until he remarried in Then he moved to Basel, Switzerland. Otto Frank died in at the age of ninety-one in his home Buchenstrasse 12, Birsfelden; a small town near Basel, Switzerland.

The war started because Hitler wanted to control all of Europe and maybe the whole world. So, reluctantly the other countries decided to stop him. It did take so long to defeat Hitler, because in previous years the rest of the world had delayed action and Hitler used that time to build a very strong army. What other places did people hide in besides the Secret Annex?

Did most people have someone to bring them food and other supplies, or did they have to sneak out and get the supplies themselves? The usual places to hide people in were the attics of homes. Others stayed in the woods or in sheds. People in hiding were always dependent on others for food; they could not do it alone. In Holland, 20, people went into hiding. Only 11, were not caught. The Germans always carried guns when they searched places. What was the percentage of the people in Holland that persecuted the Jews?

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About 2 or 3 percent of the Dutch people were Nazis or in support of them. Many others were indifferent to the fate of the Jews and preferred to look away from it. If other Jews than the Franks had asked for help, I would, of course, helped them too.

Actually, my husband did such in several cases. The Dutch who helped the Jews were also sent to a camp, but with a milder regime than the camps for Jews. My male office colleagues were put in such a camp and both survived. Initially many liked Hitler. Germany was economically in very poor shape and people like many tend to do also today were looking for somebody to blame for the misery. Hitler offered the Jews as scapegoats and that certainly made him popular. He also promised jobs at the cost of the "non-Aryans" the non-Germans. Hitler promised to take their civil rights away, like he did shortly after he came to power.

For instance, the Jews, who were German citizens, lost this position overnight.

Today we call this ethnic cleansing. In may places, all over the world, lots of people again support the idea of having immigrants thrown from the country. I hope and believe that many Dutch people will be more helpful in the future than they were during the Holocaust. Only 11, Jews were safely brought through the war. The others, about ,, perished and that could have been a considerably lower figure if all Dutch people understood their responsibility to help. I certainly think that another Holocaust can happen again.

It did already occur, think of Cambodia, Rwanda, and Bosnia. The message to take from Anne's story is to stop prejudice and discrimination right at its beginning. This leads to the feeling that all members of each such group think and act the same. That results in prejudice. Even our own brothers and sisters or parents are not exactly like we are.