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Maya laughs at the irony of a beloved white actress looking just like her black mother.

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The movie delights Maya, but it saddens Bailey. On the way home, he frightens Maya by dashing across the tracks in front of an oncoming railway car. Maya wonders if Bailey would ever jump on one of the trains and go away.

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A year later, he boards a boxcar, but succeeds only in stranding himself in Baton Rouge for two weeks. The annual revival meeting interrupts the harsh daily existence in Stamps. People from all the black churches attend. This year, the preacher delivers a sermon admonishing those who practice false charity.

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Everyone knows it is a diatribe against white Christian hypocrisy. They give to poor blacks with the expectation that the recipient be humble and self-belittling in return. The sermon promises divine revenge and divine justice. Afterward, the preacher announces that the unsaved should come forward and choose which church they want to join.

Maya remarks that no minister has ever worked to gather members for different churches. She says he is practicing charity. Afterward, everyone relishes the sensation of righteousness.

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However, when they pass a noisy, secular, honky-tonk party, they fall silent and bow their heads, sensing again the presence of sin in the black world. Nevertheless, Maya notes that, to an outsider, those who attend the revival and those who visit the honky-tonk that night both appear to be trying to escape their harsh lives. My race groaned. It was our people falling. It was another lynching, yet another Black man hanging on a tree. This might be the end of the world. If Joe lost we were back in slavery and beyond help.

See Important Quotations Explained. People crowd inside the Store to listen to the heavyweight championship boxing match on the radio, desperately hoping that Joe Louis, a hero for the black community, will defend his title. Maya explains that if Louis were to lose, everything racist whites say about blacks would be true.

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His loss would represent and justify another lynching, another raped black woman, another beaten black boy. When Louis wins the fight, everyone in the Store celebrates with abandon. Maya says that Louis proves that blacks are the most powerful people in the world.

She does not exhibit violent racism, but she perpetrates an indignity that American blacks have faced throughout history. Maya cannot directly demand recognition of her identity, but she finds a subversive form of resistance. This resistance powerfully affects Mrs. Later, the SCO helped him to keep his books in a secure place. Armed with a basic outline of the cage houses and homeless people in Hong Kong in our heads, we entered the second floor of one of the high-rise buildings in Mong Kok.

Sze Lai Shan, who is also associated with SCO, brought us along as her friends; otherwise neither security personnel nor those who are in the cage will allow us to enter or will speak to us. Small passages took us through the apartment, letting us see the death of freedom, caged disorder, dirt, filth and the putrid smells that accompanied them. The strangeness amplified by the fact that just outside the walls was the same city renowned for its freedom and human dignity — a contrast that conjured comparisons of heaven and hell and left us wondering if the walls themselves were another type of cage — a cage to keep misery out of sight and forgotten even with help so close by.

Despite the difficult and stressful lives they live, the residents of the caged tenement had friendly smiles to share with us. It showed a hope for change. We sat in front of the cage of a man who has lived in here for around 20 years and who agreed to be interviewed. But in , he rented this cage after he decided to leave Mainland China forever. We might not have had a legal certificate, but we were living together for a period of time and we had a son too.

But then our family was challenged with poverty and other social problems. However, he was able to find a cage house in when he started working as a construction worker in different places in the territory. But with the passage of time his health worsened.

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Now he suffers from numerous ailments. True, the government is helping me by providing health facilities. Notably, he did not apply for public housing at first and he explained the reason for that:.

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So I decided not to leave them for a public house. How can I live alone at a public house with no one? The way in which he waits is also telling of the type of life he has lived:. But from time to time, and one by one, they passed away, illustrating the reality of life.

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I know one day I have to go, and now we are only seven people here in different cages but earlier there were around people in this whole floor. Most of them died. Now my health is getting weaker, especially due to the hygiene situation here. It worsens daily. During the summer, many fleas appear, which is the most terrible part. I do understand everyone has meaning in their life. Even people like me who have been, and still live, through tremendous struggles to find happiness and freedom. He concluded with a philosophical take on how one can deal with the challenges of life and death:.

Then you get used to it. Most of incidents that I come across exemplify this known reality. Chun behind, but we still had work to do. We moved to the next cage where Tang Man Wai, who is 64 years old, has spent over 30 years in the same cage. He was born and grew up in Hong Kong, and was only able to study up to primary school level due to family problems. He remembered how and why he came here and what the cages were like before:.

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At some time children and women were also here. But now few of us remain. His story also is another horrific narration of life and struggle.

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  • He too dreams of having a public house. These are only two stories of thousands of elderly people in Hong Kong. But there are also many women living in such cages without help who support and care for their families.

    Living in cages is a great difficulty some residents of the city face; they need more attention from the government and they need help moving from these cages to more suitable homes. On the surface, Hong Kong is one of most respectful places in the world, no matter who you are. Globally, Hong Kong has passed through many difficult situations, from slavery to the modern day struggle for freedom and justice. The cage culture was an available solution at one time, when the region was surviving conflict and post-conflict situations.

    Hundreds of thousands of people landed here seeking a better life. Hong Kong treated them with equality and did its best to overcome difficulties faced. The world has changed and it is time for Hong Kong to live up to its reputation. Everyone needs a respectable life, and those living in cages should not have to wait for it any longer. He also edits the Sri Lanka Guardian, an online daily newspaper. She is currently part of the administration at the Asian Human Rights Commission.

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