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It's FREE to be a person and enjoy all the benefits of membership. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Lyft tryna be Uber - Introducing Power Zone.

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Thread starter mjyousse Start date Mar 26, So I received this email today saying that they are introducing Power Zones or whatever. It's basically the same thing as Uber, you'll have a purple zone and if you pick up people inside it and you'll get an increase. The only good thing I noticed about it is that when you accept rides, it tells you how much boost you are getting on that ride, so can we finally assume that we'll be able to see the PT on every ride just like Uber? I'd have to read the LA forum to catch up on how it works, but they can just as easily notify you of the "power" amount, and still hide the true PT.

We can't assume anything yet.

Greenie Well-Known Member. I got a link to see my zones and PT but it only took me to dashboard. Do you know what your PT zones are? Greenie said:. BoboBig Well-Known Member. I just finished 3 weeks of the new power zone.

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I did trips 1st week 2nd and 3rd U just drive in zone then go online. Even if the ping is outside zone its still extra u just have to patrol the zone. Know ur areas n shit. I made an extra 4, I swear to god. They took it away this week.

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Great program. That's really great to hear but I'm sorry your math doesn't add up.

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